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Yes, there is a Houston area attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your business, who promptly returns your phone calls and emails, and who knows how to get results. You have found that attorney.

"Now that you've come into contact with the law, you've found out the dirty little secret. Anyone drinking and driving is subject to arrest, whether or not it was affecting their driving ability. But being arrested does not mean you will be convicted."

Survival Tips:

  • Do not answer any questions other than name and address.
  • Do not agree to perform roadside tests.
  • Do not agree to have your eyes tested.
  • Do not agree to blow into a handheld breath tester.
  • Do not consent to a breath or blood test, if you are asked to take one.
What Happens After A DWI Arrest?
There are usually both Department of Public Safety and Court Proceedings.
Read This Page First
When you've been arrested for a DWI and you don't think it's fair, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights...
Ten Mistakes
How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes most people make after being arrested for DWI.
Case Tips
53 Things YOU Need to Know about Your DWI Case that NO ONE is Telling YOU
Frequently Asked Questions in Texas DWI Cases
Attorney Fees.
What you will be charged and methods of payment.
Find a DWI DUI Drunk Driving Lawyer in your state.
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Lawyer Mistakes
The Top 10 Mistakes Lawyers Make in Drunk Driving Cases. . . And How To Avoid Them
There are many possible challenges that can be made to the charges you are facing.
Police Mistakes
Mistakes the police make . . . and how they can help you.
Recent Cases
Recent Cases Which May Be Helpful In Your Defense Of A Texas DWI
What Can I Do to Save My License?
Fight to save your license! If you drive after losing your license, you face substantial penalties.
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